Saturday, May 22, 2010

Product Review!!!!!

Hey again!

So today I wanted to blog a little about two products I recently have
gotten and one is amazing while the other....well, was expected. I
went to the store looking for the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque and
found a beautiful miracle for $2.75! This masque works magic and it
really does clear up break outs super fast! Almost immediately you can
tell the difference. I have pretty good skin but during the warmer
months, my face tends to break out in the T zone area. I get oily in
that region and this masque takes complete care of that! My skin is
more radiant and clean after using this. What a wonderful product! I
will have to try more of their products.

Now, I don't usually like knock off fragrances because the scents
really get to me and do not work well at all with my natural body
chemistry. While at the store I passed by a few of these types of
fragrances and one in particular caught my eye, Tattooed by Inky. I
though the bottle was so pretty with a tattoo like Koi fish on the
front in multi-colors with a cute shape. I decided to smell it and it
was actually rather pretty in scent as well! So what the heck, for 4
dollars maybe I would give it a try. At first it was kind of nice. It
smelled kind of floral with this sexiness to it. I liked how it worked
with my chemistry but the down fall was that after a short time the
scent fades....COMPLETELY. Where did my scent go????? Oh, I'm sorry I
didn't know it was a vanishing scent and in order to find it I must
complete trials and clues as if I were in The Da Vinci Code! Anyhoo,
the only way I could keep the scent longer was to apply it to my
cleavage. Any where else it would just fade much to quickly. I guess
that's what I get for paying 4 dollars for an Ed Hardy "impression"

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Posh Brushes!

Hey guys,

So I went shopping looking for a foundation brush at my local store (Biggs). When I got there I found out that they were having a liquidation sale on a large number of items that they carried. I have to come across a pretty cute weaved bag that had a POSH logo on it in the cosmetic section (which only had a handful of products left). I took a look at the tag and it was a mini brush set for about 5 dollars. I opened it and discovered rather cute black and red brushes with extremely soft hairs. Hmmm, it's only 5 dollars why not! I am glad I bought these. They are just right for carrying in my handbag and they apply makeup so smoothly. I did some research online and found this website

Posh brushes are actually priced nicely but the deal I got was extremely low! The kit comes with a brush cleaning spray and 5 brushes (eye liner brush, brow brush/comb, foundation brush, blush brush, eye shadow brush). They also carry a 65 piece accessory and brush set for 119.00! Not bad at all for all you get. Check out the website and tell me what you think. I really like the performance of this mini set so far so who knows, they may be my new go to product. Check it out people! Kisses!!!!


Monday, May 3, 2010




::MONOCHROME::Hey guys! These are just some makeup looks that I did for fun and I will probably post these once a week. Hope you like!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

::FAB-U-LUSH:: Look of the Week

Hey all!

Well since my computer is down and for some reason my cellspin uploads to youtube will not work, I have to do my look of the week here on my blog until I get all that sorted out. Moving on, This look is from about 2 weeks ago. I felt comfy and chic in this outfit and it's pieced together with the garments I have posted in my previous haul post. I am also wearing black heels from payless and a statement necklace I also bought from DEB Shop for 10 dollars. Oooh cute!

Crazy Art

Sometimes, I get really odd inspirations for art. As I was moving I found some old mascara that needed throwing out and with Alice in Wonderland fresh on my mind, I had inspiration to doodle. This pic is what I came up with. It looks like many things and every one who looks at it sees something different. What do you see? A crazy art piece made from mascara and I love it!
Xoxo ::Kai::

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Diva Beauty Creators the Agency

Quan Green,

Fierce, Independent, Chic, Real, Honest, and Down to earth. These are just a few words to describe the lovely CEO and Booking Agent of
Diva Beauty Creators the Agency. I had a chat with Quan right after her agency completed work on the Evelyn Lambert runway show and
I wanted to share this experience with you all. She's located in Atlanta, GA and if you happen to live there, you need to book a beauty consult because this agency really knows their stuff. At the end of the interview I will post the contact info for you. Be it hair, makeup, or fashions, they can help you. I hope you enjoy this interview and learn something from it as well!


(Kai) What made you finally decide it was time to be your own boss?

(QG) When I realized that I could make a living at it. I never liked following the rules and always knew working for others wasn't for me. One day, when I was "in between jobs", I did a calculation on how much money I would have to bring in monthly in order to survive, and I worked my butt off until I achieved it.

(Kai) Exactly what is it about fashion and beauty that drives you?

(QG) I love it when people are confident, especially women. I admire professionals who work in the beauty & fashion industry,
because we have the ability to make people look good, which results in them feeling good as well. As a former counselor, I know that people are unstoppable when they are feeling their best.

(Kai) At what age or time were you when you knew fashion and beauty was something you were great at?

(QG) To be quite honest with you, I'm not very creative or artistic. But, I am good at planning, organizing, communicating, and connecting the dots. I knew combining those skills, with the talent of the Makeup Artists, Hairstylists, and Wardrobe Stylists that I represent, would result in something great.

(Kai) What happens to be one of the most memorable occasions for you during the building progress of your company?

(QG) The most memorable occasion was when I first notified people that I was starting my agency. The next day, my inbox was filled
with people trying to do business with me or inquiring about ways that they can be down with Diva Beauty Creators. There's nothing
like the feeling of being in a position to help others.

(Kai) Where do you see Diva Beauty Creators going in the future, be it five months or in five years?

(QG) Diva Beauty Creators will definitely be THEE go-to agency of the East Coast, within the next five years. And, within the next 10 years, Diva Beauty Creators will be THEE go-to agency of the world! My long-term goal is to open offices in South Africa, Paris, Toronto, and India.

(Kai) What is the number one beauty secret you recommend to all women?

(QG) Love yourself! You can't put any magical products on a broken heart, past hurts, and low self-esteem. However, if you love yourself, you will always do things to enhance your inner and outer beauty.

(Kai) Have you worked with a celebrity that was absolutely dreadful? Have you ever worked with one that completely surprised you?(No names needed lol)

(QG) Yes, of course. In this industry, I come across a lot of interesting personalities. One thing I do not tolerate; however, is someone being condescending to the talent that I represent. Some celebrities have a tendency to believe that they are better than everyone else. Sometimes I do have to step in and bring them back down to earth! LoL!

(Kai)Tyra Banks has started the BIO campaign to open the minds of the media and beauty industries to show that beauty comes in multiple forms, what is your take on this?

(QG) I admire Tyra for that and I know the BIO campaign will be a huge success, because it is needed. Sadly, the beauty & fashion industry is controlled by a small group of people who have their opinions about what beauty is. Unfortunately, a lot of people compare themselves to what others think is beautiful. I'm glad Tyra is giving the world a fresh view (and reality) of what beauty really is...finally!

(Kai) Who is your favorite designer and are there any up and comers we should watch for?

(QG) Valentino is more my style. I like to dress conservative, chic, and sexy. Valentino always seems to incorporate those elements into
his designs. The world should definitely keep their eyes on Evelyn Lambert. We just did hair and makeup for her Fall 2010 collection, and I was very impressed with the vibrant colors and quality of fabric she uses. Her models were FIERCE too!

(Kai) Are there any particular charities that you believe more people should be involved in?

(QG) The charity for humanity. Right now, I don't advocate for any particular charity, but I do believe that it is our responsibility to be charitable in our own communities. This can be in the form of donating to your local school district, homeless shelter, church, etc.

(Kai) On a serious note, what is your view about the new health care reform law and the nuclear security summit?

(QG) Uhhhh...did you see Michelle Obama's dress that she wore for the inauguration? Lol!

(Kai) Hahaha.

(QG) No, on a serious note, I am for and against it. I have always been sort of a conspiracy theorist. I have always thought that the
government was going to impose some health care law on us; that way, it makes it easier for them to get everyone to have micro chips
put underneath their skin. All my Christians know about "the mark".

(Kai) In a time where the recession is very much an issue, what tips do you think women should use to be frugalistas?

(QG) Find fabulous pieces at upscale consignment shops and thrift stores. People don't know it, but the thrift stores have very stylish and authentic vintage garments.

(Kai) Hey that's how I do my vintage shopping!

(Kai) What is your number one must have accessory?

(QG) Diamond studded earrings!!!

(Kai) I'm wearing some right now!

(QG) You can wear them with everything: to the grocery store or to the Mayor's ball!

(Kai) Do you have any style Icons?

(QG) Not really. But, I do admire Beyonce's, Tyra
Banks', and Victoria Beckham's style. Celebs switch their style and image up so often that it's hard to follow. The three women that I just named have been the ones who have had the most consistency with their looks.

(Kai) What's one this about you no one would ever guess?

(QG) People would never guess that I used to be really sensitive as a teenager. Someone could make me cry in a heartbeat. When they
look at me, they see strength, determination, and power. If they only knew how jacked up I was as a child, they'd be really surprised.

(Kai) Has your family been supportive of you throughout your journey? How does your husband feel about his very independent and successful wife?

(QG) Lol! Now why you gotta go and get all personal, Kai?! No, but, my family is very supportive of me. My husband is a business owner himself, so he knows what I go through on a daily basis. He has showed me nothing but love throughout this whole process. It's rare that you come across a man like that, I am so blessed.

(Kai) What advice would you give to a person trying to build their own empire?

(QG) Believe in questions asked. And, if you have a hard time believing in yourself, believe in God. He knows what He's doing.

(Kai) When you're not hard at work, what do you do in your down time?

(QG) Now, down time is something I'm working at. If I'm not working, I'm sleeping, or getting ready to get to work. I would like to do some more personal travel though.

(Kai) Do men ever come to ask for advice on fashion and skin care?

(QG) All the time! And when they don't ask, I offer it, which usually leads me into referring them to one of my stylists!

(Kai) How do you feel about the way our youth today are behaving? What are your views on how we can help them to be less destructive?

(QG) Parents have really got to step their parenting skills up. If parents had more wisdom on raising children, a lot of our youth wouldn't be behaving so destructively. Parents should talk to their kids, encourage them, monitor their friends, spend quality time with them; and, most importantly, share the Word of God with them... that makes all the difference!

Quan L. GreenCEO & Booking Agent
Diva Beauty Creators the Agency
T (404) 749-7678
F (678) 909-0278
Atlanta | Miami | Charlotte | New York

Thanks again Quan! You made me laugh and you offered inspiration through this interview. You are an absolute doll and I am blessed to have met you! Thank you all for checking out this interview and as always Kisses and Hugs!


Thursday, April 15, 2010


Hey guys!

So, I am a free spirit and love fashion and makeup however, I don't always want to be that "cookie cutter" polished. The other day I tried this look and to my surprise, I got a lot of compliments on how artistic it was! Woohoo! Win for me! I rocked it with confidence because your style will only fizzle if you don't feel comfortable with what you're doing. Note to all: Beauty is a state of mind. Think beautiful thoughts and you will be. Don't be afraid to be different!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

REVIEW! Josie Maran's Bear Naked Wipes

Hey all!

So on my little trip to Sephora I decided to buy a few items just for fun because I haven't had a chance to stop by Sephora in a long time. While I was there I also got a chance to pick up my free birthday gift (sign up for their beauty insider info if you haven't already for great deals!) which was a really cute mini eye makeup kit that came with an eyeshadow in Aspen Summit, a Nano Eyeliner in Silver Green, and a Lash plumping mascara in Black. Super cute little kit for your purse. Moving on, I really wanted to talk about these makeup removing wipes from the Josie Maran Cosmetics line. The package is so cute with Polar bears on it. A portion of every package sold goes to protect the animals and it has a link where you can go to collect more information. This product is safe for the environment and is cruelty-free so no animal testing! The wipes feel really nice on the skin and gets all the makeup off. KUDOS to this line! I will be researching a lot more into the products they have to offer because I really admire how they take part in helping the environment!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Okay guys I am continuing this from part one of my makeup review (obviously)Hahaha so lets continue...

3.) Avon's Moisture Effective Eye Makeup Remover Lotion. RATING: 10 lip glosses out of 10! This eye makeup remover is one of the best I've ever used. After my disappointment with Avon's eyeshadow sheets, I needed something to wipe it off with. I was actually really surprised how quickly this product took off all my makeup and not only that, it moisturized my skin really well. I highly recommend this product because it does exactly what it's suppose to do and more. It's a great buy and you only need a little bit on a cotton ball to wipe your makeup off; this will make last you a long time.

4.) Maybelline's Dream Liquid Mousse and Super Stay 24 HR Wear Foundation in Cocoa - Dark 3. 10 lip glosses out of 10! Best foundations I've ever used. Really beautiful finishes for both products and they blend in really lovely with my skin. You don't have to use a lot in order to get full coverage. The 24 hour stay foundation is my favorite since it's getting warmer out because it stays on through sweat, rain, dancing and it doesn't transfer on to your clothes. This is a brilliant product and I completely recommend this. The Dream Liquid Mousse is another good one but I would use it in cooler weather and this one rubs off a bit more, so you just have to be cautious with your attire.

5.) Maybelline Eye Studio Eyeliner in Blackest Black. RATING: 10 out of 10 lip glosses....No actually this one is off the charts! OH MY GOODNESS! This Eyeliner gel pot is so amazing! It's another Maybelline product that last for 24 hours. I fell asleep with this on and I know I should not have but I did after a party I went to with a friend. The next morning I woke up and looked in the mirror and not an inch was out of place or smeared. This eye liner comes with a nice little liner brush and it's only 8 bucks! GREAT DEAL!

Well that's all for today kids but stay alert for new products to come!


Hey all! Today in Cincinnati it's rainy and gloomy so I decided to do a review on some items I recently bought. I can't remember the exact cost of each item so I will try to update this a a later time. Also I'm gonna start my own rating scale by using a scale of 1 to 10 lip glosses. SO NOW.... ON WITH THE SHOW....

1.) Avon's "In A Wink" Eyeshadow sheets in look at me Lavender. RATING: 1 Lip gloss out of 10 *EPIC FAIL*. This product was my least favorite of everything I bought from Avon. You apply the sheets to your eyes and rub across it gently to apply the shadow to give the affect of a completed look. The sheet applies WAY to much product to the eye area. It doesn't fit to the contours of every eye shape, it's too powder like so it goes every where, and the pigment is really dull. The product comes with 14 sheets and I would not recommend this to anyone but if you do like it I would just apply the shadow with a brush and/or use Avon's True Color eyeshadow quad in Purple Haze which is a much better buy!

2.) Dior's Dior Kiss lip gloss in Sorbet Meringue. RATING: 5 lip glosses out of 10. Okay, so I will admit to any one that I'm absolutely obsessed with Christian Dior anything! Anyone who knows me knows this but I rate this gloss low just for specific reasons. The gloss is really pretty with a white pigment and lots of shimmer. I rate it low just for this reason and for the texture. It's not the kind of gloss you would wear daily and not the best for moisturizing the lips. The gloss however is great for adding high lights to the lips over a lip color and or to high light the cupid's bow of the lip. Oh yes! The scent is heavenly; smells like a dessert. All in all this is a great product if you use it in these ways and it'll last a long time to!

continued on Part II....::Another FAB-U-LUSH Experience::

Friday, March 26, 2010

One Dollar Awesomeness!

Hey again guys! I know I just did a blog a couple of hours ago but I wanted to add a fashion tip I learned. Okay, so I'm in Target with a friend and I don't have a bunch of cash to blow but I really wanted to find a sweater or just something to keep me warm at night when I go out. I'm searching around and low and behold I find this long grey sweater with pockets for a dollar! Yes you heard me right folks, ONE DOLLAR! Of course I bought it even though it made me look a little bigger. I didn't mind that it was a bit billowy because I knew I could use a belt to cinch in the waist to give it a smoother look. Yeah, that was an excellent buy!

Sweater: Target, $1.00
Asymmetrical Top: Old Navy, $5.00
Pants: DEB, $7.00
Belt: Dots stores


Sorry guys but Apparently when I post, the pix come up before my written words :( Moving on, the two belts that I have here both came attached to items I bought such as the black pants and a two toned top(6 dollars from 22.99) which is not pictured . I saved 26 dollars by not buying 2 separate belts!. Oh the cute sparkled top is one of my favorites! This top could be warn with the leggings and the top was only 7 dollars marked down from 22.99! YIPEE! Now finally my last item is another favorite. This little shortie sweater (not the name but What I call it) goes nicely over short sleeve, strapless, and cami tops and dresses. Keeps you warm while looking hot and the sleeves are just long enough to hide trouble spots on the upper arms. This was 12 dollars from 16.99. Well guys I hope you liked the haul and of course I'll inform you on any other items I happen to find! Love you all :) Kisses! ::Kai::


This cute Ruffled skirt was originally 17.99 but I got it on clearance for 7 dollars.

These leggings were 9.99, I like them with the skirt but I actuall like the skirt better with tights. The leggings look really good with a really long graphic tee/tunic top with a belt at the hips and a pair of funky heels.

I bought these pair of black pants for 14 dollars. The original price was 29.99! Yes I know I wear a ton of black but black goes with everything and is so chic. Yes, very Karl Lagerfeld of me! NOW, since I'm blogging from my cell, this haul will continue it Haul part 2.


Okay awesome finds on a budget seems hard and for a fiercely real body, sometimes harder. I happen to really like the shoppe DEB and the few items that I bought can be pieced together with other items to change things up if you don't have a huge wardrobe and if you don't have a lot of money to build one. The items that I have on her I got from the DEB store in Newport, Ky. This pretty cute faux leather bag fits lots of stuff in it, it's easy to carry, and it only cost 15 dollars!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Okay So I'm really sad over the Sandra and Jesse James issue! I thought from day one they were a cute couple because they balanced each other out. They both always spoke about how much in love they were and I remember seeing her on his show before they got together. My issue is why would he cheat if he was supposedly so happy? Is it really in a mans DNA to cheat? If he was feeling a lack of something, you talk it out not cheat! Does he have the Tiger Woods Syndrome? There are now claims that there are up to eleven women involved!!!! To make things worse a second woman (a stripper go figure) has come out saying she's had sex with Jesse every two months since a year after he and Sandra married. This is truly humiliating! SANDRA, you are America's sweet heart and deserve better! I know you're hurt and I know you love him but you've gotta take your time no matter how long, to figure what's best for SANDRA! It's truly sad when ever anyone's heart is broken especially by betrayal.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Hey all and thanks for checking out Lush Evans. In this little blog I'm just gonna tell you a bit about myself. Well to start, I am a 26 year old fiercely real (fit and plus size) woman from Cincinnati, Ohio. I LOVE my family, I adore many different art forms, I feel that I am very intelligent with an abundance of talents that I want to share with others. On this blog I want to share fashion tips for girls/women in the "plus size" category, I want to share beauty tips of all sorts like makeup and healthy skin care and living. I am a big video game lover and adore comics as well so of course I will have my say in those things as well! I hope you guys enjoy everything here and I want to be a person every one feels comfortable talking to and a person who listens when you feel no one else will. Be breezy and kisses to all! -With Luv- ::Kai::



My FAB-U-LUSH buy of the week for me will have to be these Oscar De La Renta sunglasses that I purchased today for an AMAZING price! I'm not certain what season these are from (tisk tisk I know) but they are definitely chic and soooo hawt!